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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

An Army Of Creative Industry Experts Create A Hub To Support Volunteer Projects In Ukraine

An army of designers is implementing volunteer projects to support Ukraine 

People around the world realize that the strength of Ukrainians consists in unity and the extraordinary ability to cooperate in times of crisis. According to Forbes 48% of Ukrainian companies continued working during the war. Another 12% plan to reopen shortly. 6% of surveyed entrepreneurs have already changed the focus of their business. Another 19% of them plan to retrain according to the wartime requirements. 

Creative industry experts also did not shy away from actively joining the struggle on the front. As such, the Happy design agency team, along with the domestic digital community, and with the support of the partner platforms Projector and CASES created the UDDU hub of designers, the goals of which are: 

  • support volunteer projects through design, which facilitates their work and external communication;

  • employ designers and creatives who have lost their work because of war;

  • provide Ukrainians with the possibility to work with foreign customers (even for those who don’t speak English);

  • support the Ukrainian economy by paying taxes and attracting foreign clients to the country;

  • transfer 20% of the profits of all projects to volunteer organizations and the Ukrainian Army.

In three months, the UDDU created branding and websites for the following volunteer projects: