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Monday, May 8, 2017

Free PlugBoards and Backlinks to Promote Your Web Site Products and Services

By Ihor Cap
88x31 Plugboard Sample
Plugboards and text links vary somewhat in their use but their common goal is the same, to increase backlinks and in so doing visitors to your web site. They are just some of the latest technologies facilitating the way to providing quick backlinks for web sites looking to promote their products and services. They won’t give you an instant upsurge in your SEO search engine rankings, but they will most definitely increase your click through rate. However, there are other reasons why these technologies are so well-liked.  They are popular because of their ease of use and most of all because they are free, like the ones in use on and EzReklama's Premier Blogspot. Similar types of free and dedicated plug boards or tables are used on the home pages of the Let'sPlugit and PlugCity websites (see and The latter website purports to be the largest site for plug banner graphics. Other Plugboards can be viewed at ( and (
80x15 Plugboard Sample
In most cases, you just provide the URL address of your button image, your web site address and press the Plug it button to submit your site and it appears instantly on the Plugboard. Can it get any easier than that? If so, then let me know. Your backlink is created and you move on to your next Plugboard or Plugtable to create another backlink, and voila! That is how you create backlinks to your site, increase your site visibility, and watch the traffic trickle in to your web site. 
It tends to work better with indefinite or permanent links which are found on some PlugBoards and other dedicated share tables that are managed by the web site owners, but these tend to cost a minimal fee.
Plugboards or Plugtables are a great way to promote your website because you no longer have to write website masters or owners and “beg” for a link exchange. Today, it can all be done anonymously and quickly.  Time is money they say, so why not use it efficiently. A great place to obtain a Plugboard is (  Here you will get a good appreciation of the great variety of plugboards in use. Don't forget to submit your web site URL there too while you are at it. "Getting plugged in to a virtual plugboard is the new benchmark for word of mouth referrals, I say." Online web promotion via the use of plugboard panels is rapidly gaining popularity in the digital world.  So, enhance your brand awareness and take charge of your virtual prospects by getting plugged in now!
Author Information:
Ihor Cap is a Web Author and Dad.