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Friday, March 12, 2021

Fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic

A worldwide pandemic affecting millions of people has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths. The contagious virus known as COVID-19 causes it. It caused a huge panic and people everywhere were stockpiling essentials like hand sanitizers, toilet paper and even flour. Store shelves were literally empty until limitations on purchases were more controlled.

What happens when you combine an interest in film and writing together with focus and determination?

Mike’s idea for Short Film Fan came to him in the spring of 2014, when he decided that the time was right to create the blog and to share his fascination with this quality film genre with the world. After launching Short Film Fan, Mike briefly wondered if anyone would even want to read articles about Canadian short films. Would the site resonate with the public? In fact, he believed that he would blog about Canadian shorts for about six months, shut it down, and blog about a different topic. Focused on finding good stories and sacrificing many hours of his personal time to write his articles, Mike became pleasantly surprised at what happened to him and Short Film Fan next.