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Thursday, December 29, 2016

A One-Time Favorite Ukrainian Games Website for Learning and Fun Closes Down!

EzReklama recently removed its gaming website after a 7 years online fun. It featured a collection of free online interactive games related to Ukrainian themes, learning, and most importantly fun! Visitors to the UkrainianGames.Blogspot.Com web site engaged in any number of interactive games in English or Ukrainian completely free of charge. The content of these games was appropriate for children and adults from 8 to 88. 

Bilingual education teachers, especially elementary school teachers, used it to find a treasure chest of interactive content for the classroom that is designed to teach or reward their learners! Some schoolchildren enjoyed putting a ZAZ Ukrainian car jigsaw puzzle together. Others  chose to put together the facade of the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre. You selected the picture of interest and control the level of difficulty. Easy puzzle cuts contained as little as 6 pieces for children and moved up in range of difficulty to as many as 247 cuts or pieces of an image. You decided which one is appropriate for you, for your learners or your family.

Young tots enjoyed connecting the dots in the correct sequence to learn the alphabet and take delight in the animal or other image rendered in front of the computer screen upon successfully connecting the dots. Still others may have just needed to brush up on a little math work with a little help from their favorite cartoon character "Hubka Bob".

Young girls who dreamed of becoming fashion models took delight in playing dress up with the "Ukrainian Fashion Girl" from Kyiv or Kateryna from Lviv. Young boys loved the high kicking, Cossack sword wavering onscreen figure that is also endowed with special mystical powers in "Bohun's Revenge."

All in all, game players found it an attractive site that was at once captivating and neatly organized so players can quickly find their favorite game. New games were added all the time. Moms and dads joined in the fun. There were puzzles, simulations, math and logic games, matching games and so much more. DARE to be entertained! 

Farewell Ukrainian Games website. We will miss you. You can try finding these games invidually by their names by doing a website search. Good Luck!