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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Manuscript of the Three Kings Which Greeted Jesus was Found in the Vatican

"Revelation of the Magi" by Brent Landau
Translated by Ihor Cap and Dariya Dyryk-Cap

A Professor of Religious Studies from Oklahoma University (USA) translated text that reveals new facts about Christmas and the three Magi who brought gifts to Jesus at birth.
Professor Brent Landau deciphered from a dead Syrian language the manuscript which was stored for 250 years in the Vatican library and the origin of which is unknown. 
The text is called "Revelation of the Magi" and is a story about their journey, written in the first person. This is an 8th century copy of the narrative, first recorded in the 3rd century, less than 100 years after the Gospel of Matthew was written- the primary source of history about the "three Kings from the East," the publication notes.
The "Revelation of the Magi" differs significantly from other versions of this biblical story. According to the document, the Magi came not from Persia, but from the land of Shir which is associated with ancient China. "It is reported that they were descendants of Seth, the third son of Adam, and belonged to the sect, who prayed without words" - said the article.
In the traditional legend it is known that there were three magi who came to greet the newborn Jesus. In the "Revelation" it is said there were “dozens.” Matthew makes no mention as to how many Magi there were.
However, Professor Landau doubt’s that the "Revelation" is really written by one of the Magi, but believes that the anonymous authors identified themselves with these mystics and their sect. According to Landau, the "Revelation" states that Seth passed on to his descendants the prophecy about the star that foretold the birth of God in human form.

In the same decrypted text, the discussion follows that Jesus Christ and the Star of Bethlehem – are one and the same. That Christ is capable of transforming himself into everything, and anything.

Translated from Ukrainian

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