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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Polar Bears and Other Arctic Animals of Churchill Manitoba

By Ihor Cap

Polar Bear 2004-11-15
Photo by Ansgar Walk (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A little more than 800 people live in the town of Churchill. It is located at the estuary of the Churchill River at the second-largest bay in the world, Hudson Bay.  This far most northern tip of the province of Manitoba receives thousands of tourists yearly. It has high auroral activity because it resides just below the Auroral Oval. That means you will get the best northern lights show on earth!  It also has three ecosystems converging to provide a splendid diversity of plant and animal life, Marine, Tundra, and Boreal Forest.  
The town has a varied wildlife that attracts over 270 bird species, the beluga whales, caribou, foxes, gyrfalcons, hare, lemming, ptarmigan, snowy owls, and the ever-popular polar bears. However, it is the white furry creatures that have helped generate more interest in Churchill as of late to help it become the “Polar Bear Capital of the World.” See what makes this place so special to so many people in Manitoba below.
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The Via Rail passenger train from Winnipeg’s Union Station travels to the Churchill railway station 3 times a week. This 1,700 km (1,100 mile) trek takes an estimated 40 hours. There are no service roads going in or out of Churchill. The other option is to fly from Winnipeg to the town of Churchill. There are several daily service flights available to and from Winnipeg airport to take you to the Churchill airport and back.
Bed and Breakfast Operators in Churchill Manitoba

Contact: Gord & Lynn Martens
Address: 10 Bernier Street - Churchill, Manitoba
Phone: (204) 675-2556

Open during the months of October and November only.
Contact: Gerald Azure and Jenafor Ollander
Phone: (204) 675-2001

Contact: George & Stella Davis
Phone:  (204)675-2962

Contact: Mykelen Korchynsky
Address: 51 Selkirk Street, PO Box 1093 Phone: (204) 675-2773

Contact: Don Gould
Address: 26 Hearne
Phone: (204) 675-2819

There are several tourist operators to make your experience in the Churchill area even better. They offer everything from dog sled rides, ice flow tours, birdwatching, kayaking, snorkeling, in addition to the expected boat and bus area tours.
Blue Sky Expeditions - Dog sled rides tours. email:
Charlie’s Dog Sled Tours - dog sled rides near the DeneAboriginalVillage.
Great White Bear Tours - Tundra vehicle operators that provide polar bear tours. Email Great White Bear Tours.
Lazy Bear Lodge Tours - Group packages, day-trips, summer bus tours, boat tours,  whale watching, kayaking, snorkeling and lazy bear tundra bus tours in the fall. Email:
Nature 1st Tours – Polar bear day tours, bus and hiking, birding tours, nature walks. . Email: 
North Star Tours – Original tour company. Town and area bus tours. Email: 
Polar Bear Alley – Hiking and polar bear tours. Day hikes too. Email Polar Bear Alley.
Sea North Tours – Beluga whale watching, Fort tours, ice flow tours, kayaking and snorkelling. Email: 
Tundra Buggy Adventure/Frontiers North - Tundra vehicle tours, polar bear tours. Email: 
Wapusk Adventures - Dog sled tour operator. Email: 
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