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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Interview with Winnipeg Realtor Borys Lehkar

1) EZREKLAMA: Greetings Borys. Thank you for meeting with us.  Could you share with our readers something about yourself, and maybe things you enjoy doing in your free time?

1) BORYS: Good day. Certainly. My name is Borys Lehkar. I come from the city of Drohobych in the Lviv region of Ukraine. After graduating from school, I entered the Lviv Technical College of Rural Construction in the Department of Civil and Industrial  Construction. My education, which was the second half of the 1980s, came at a time when the movement for democratic change and protests against the then Soviet system was gaining momentum in Lviv. I tried not to miss any demonstrations. We hung flags, glued posters, and were on duty at the Klumba (flowerbed) now a monument to Shevchenko in Lviv. It was then that I was lucky enough to meet Chornovil, the Horeniv brothers, Helia, the Kalintsy couple, and other dissidents of the time. Lviv, where I had to live a significant part of my life, remains my favorite city to this day. After graduating from college, I started working as a construction foreman, and a few months later I was drafted into the army. 

By the way, the years of my service (1990-1992) coincided with the collapse of the Soviet Empire and Ukraine's independence. It so happened that I took two oaths. The first, to the USSR, and the second to Independent Ukraine. I am especially proud that I had the honor to serve at the time when the Ukrainian Army was born. After demobilization I went to work in business, and then I worked for a construction company as a foreman.