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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Our Dog Bobo

WINNIPEG, Manitoba 24/01/2003-02/03/2018

Bobo was our first baby before the baby.  Therefore, that means that Bobo had 10 months seniority.  He was home schooled in Ukrainian.  He knew sit, give paw, give the other, lie down, roll over, go away, be quiet and dance!

His job was to alert us and protect us.  He barked at strangers at the door and the window. His favourite person to bark at was the mail delivery person. He could not wait for him or her at the window from which he would observe the world passing by daily. Most of all, he could not wait for any family member to get home from school, work or from just shopping. He ran after rabbits and squirrels, and barked at his most hated bird the raven.  Territorial I guess. His favourite activity was going for a walk everyday with Mama. They walked 1 hour a day at minimum. Only on super cold days and rainy days would we miss this outing. He played with kids running up and down the house, in the backyard or the park.

Bobo loved good food, and Ukrainian kovbasa, borshch and varenyky were his favourites. No kidding. One thing that everyone could really appreciate is that Bobo was like a domestic assistant around the house, so when something dropped to the floor he would scoop it up, and look around for more!

If he looked like he was resting on the floor while you just zipped to the kitchen for second or two, there was a better than chance that only the buns were left in the hamburger you made. That was Bobo. Clever dog. It pays to be patient. Timing is everything and he knew the rhythms in our house.

Finally, and most important, our Dog gave us unconditional love that no one could ever return in kind. He collected loving kisses and hugs from everyone, and we got the same in return. He was a one-of-a-kind loving and loyal dog. When Bobo died, we got his paw prints from the veterinarian to remember him by but more than that Bobo left his paw prints forever in our hearts!  
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