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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Amazing Rescue of Baby Wildebeest and Zebras by Hippo

by Ihor Cap

YoutTube Screenshot from The hippopotamus
rescues a sinking cub of a zebra.
In the frequently wild and untamed animal world of Africa, there are moments of compassion between animals that often go unnoticed by humans. This is one such moment. Some amazing video footage is captured in the rushing waters of the Mara River in Tanzania that is receiving much attention on YouTube lately. It’s a touching video about a Hippopotamus that appears to be saving the lives of a baby wildebeest (antelope) and zebra as they attempt to cross over to the other side of the river. These precious video moments were captured by South African native Tom Yule, one of the Lemala camp guides present at the scene.
It begins with the enormous Hippo nudging the baby wildebeest in distress towards more shallow waters. Just minutes later, the same Hippo does the same for a baby zebra. We can only assume it’s the same “caring” Hippo because the rushing rapids and surrounding landscape also appear to be the same in both events, and the camp guides tell us so. Nearing the end, we see how the Hippo stands by the baby zebra to ensure its total safety while it stands somewhat disoriented on a rock island. Finally, the baby zebra slowly makes its way towards the rest of the herd and the camp guides who are witnesses to these events.
Here is the You Tube Video.
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