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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Amphibious Buses – They Float on Water and Ride the City Streets

Posted by Ihor Cap
By User:Leonard G. (Own work) [Public domain],
via Wikimedia Commons
Amphibious vehicles have been around for centuries. Some of the earliest known ones existed around the mid half of the 18th century.  The land/sea coach or land/sea carriage invented by Neapolitan Prince Raimondo of Sansevero in 1750 is the earliest known example. Amphibious vehicles were steam-powered in the 19th century. They became petrol combustion-engine powered in the 20th century. There purposes and applications have since expanded. There uses today are as varied as the colors of the rainbow.
Amphibious buses or “amphibuses” are all the fuss these days. They ride on hard surface roads and water. This is particularly evident in the tourist industry all around the world. No longer do they look like the old styled trucks and barges deployed in World War 2 for military use. Replacing these old, amphibious DUKW assault vehicles, (a.k.a. duck boats) are an assortment of new, 21st century, sleek-looking amphibious tour buses in harbor and river cities everywhere.
Amphibious Duck Tour Bus Videos
See for yourself why these amphibious tour buses are growing in popularity. The  amphibus ride and launch videos compiled here include but are not limited to Canada’s Lady Dive in Ottawa, the amphibus in Old Montreal, Harry Hippo Bus Float Tours in Toronto, Harbour Hopper Bus Tour in Halifax, the Amphibus in Glasgow (Scotland), the Splashbus in Rotterdam, the Riverride in Budapest, the Busboat in Croatia, London Duck Tours on the Thames, the Amphibian Coach in Malta, the amphibious bus in Liverpool, Singapore Duck Tours, the San Francisco Duck Bus Tour, Duck Tours in Boston and the Arizona desert, Austin Texas Duck Adventures, the Terra Wind RV motor coach home and amphibious bus, Philadelphia’s Ride the Duck, and other amphibian bus related videos in Korea, Japan, Dubai, and elsewhere around the globe.

If you do not see the video playlist above, then click the following link:
See Wikipedia and do an “Amphibious vehicle” search for more information on this topic.

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