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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Promote your website, service or product by posting an article or blog

by Ihor Cap
Businesses and organizations are always looking for quick and inexpensive ways to promote their web sites, products or services. There is a way to do that easily and it need not cost you a dime.  How? You do it by publishing an article or blog in a web site directory. In fact, it is one of the most popular ways of advertising and marketing on the internet these days. Internet use is multiplying each and every year, and millions of surfers are hungry to read something of interest daily. Business owners and organizations are learning that more visitors can frequent their web page than their store window and from all corners of the globe. Moreover, web sites with translation buttons are making your article or blog understood worldwide. Best of all, it is free. Web site publishers are happy because they get free content for their site. Business owners and organizations are happy because they get free advertising. It is a win-win marketing situation for everyone.
It’s great because it does not require much of your time either. You may already have some brochures, pamphlets or press releases that you can easily modify for your article. Just pull out what you need from your promotional materials and adjust it to suit the needs of your web audience.  Be brief and to the point. Write about 300 to 600 words or no more than a page. Internet users do not tend to read for lengthy periods anyway. So, get to the point fast. Readers want information. They want to learn something. Do not try to sell them on anything or else they will tune out quickly. Besides, most publishers may not want you to “sell” on their site anyway.
Make your article or blog interesting. Relevancy and usefulness of products and services to your readers will usually make for interest. Persuade your readers to try something new. Offer an incentive, a free sample, or a discount. Tell them about an innovation, trend, and fashion or an up and coming product that you may know something about or only you can offer.  Explain to your reader the importance of a service you provide and why it might help them. Most of all, try to be helpful, and honest with your readers. Remember, every reader is a potential customer or web site visitor too.
Another way of making your content interesting is to add a picture or video with your article. These are great for illustrating your product, service or for providing a visual “how to” demonstration. Post a video on YouTube and then embed it with your article or blog. A picture will do just as well if you have no video. Like your article, keep your video short and sweet too.
Last, but not least, include your name or business name and URL address at the end of the article or blog. This is the customary way of leaving your “calling card” with web readers once they finish reading your article or blog. Here is where you “sell” your organization or the service you provide.  Encourage them to visit your web site for additional details or more of what you are offering. To summarize, posting an article or blog in a web site directory is a wonderful promotional tool and a quick way to generate interest in your web site, product or service.
Author Information:
Ihor Cap, Ph.D. is an Education Research Specialist, Web Author and Marketing & Promotions Manager at EZREKLAMA.
This article first appeared July 21, 2009 in