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Thursday, January 7, 2016

You May Own - Author N Hohol

The dangers in letting you pierce my mind…
The regurgitation of your inconsequential facts and literature passages.You, who are shy in the heart, debilitated in spirit and lost in self-centred space.
There is another you that is deserving of a gentle kiss and a magnetic smile who travels through the past moving beyond the farcical interpretations of life.
There is a mutual character that we share who lives in the never-ending meticulous sounds that saves a soul from its’ relived life.
There is a flaw in every carefully stroked piece of hair and it is there I retreat and fantasize of a grounded mind that I can one-day embrace.  
There is a place where dangers of you piercing my mind with self-deprecating thoughts saturated in the cancer of your victimhood, no longer hurts me and allows for the possibility of forgiveness. 
This is where I partly fantasize and capture the sound of lost parental bonds and a vision of trust with no dangers of a dysfunctional arm in the way of progress.
This is a restless farewell clinging to the pulp of a tree, continuing to tenaciously crave what is not there.

 Author: Natasha Hohol
This poem was first published November 10, 2008 in