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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

An Army Of Creative Industry Experts Create A Hub To Support Volunteer Projects In Ukraine

An army of designers is implementing volunteer projects to support Ukraine 

People around the world realize that the strength of Ukrainians consists in unity and the extraordinary ability to cooperate in times of crisis. According to Forbes 48% of Ukrainian companies continued working during the war. Another 12% plan to reopen shortly. 6% of surveyed entrepreneurs have already changed the focus of their business. Another 19% of them plan to retrain according to the wartime requirements. 

Creative industry experts also did not shy away from actively joining the struggle on the front. As such, the Happy design agency team, along with the domestic digital community, and with the support of the partner platforms Projector and CASES created the UDDU hub of designers, the goals of which are: 

  • support volunteer projects through design, which facilitates their work and external communication;

  • employ designers and creatives who have lost their work because of war;

  • provide Ukrainians with the possibility to work with foreign customers (even for those who don’t speak English);

  • support the Ukrainian economy by paying taxes and attracting foreign clients to the country;

  • transfer 20% of the profits of all projects to volunteer organizations and the Ukrainian Army.

In three months, the UDDU created branding and websites for the following volunteer projects: 

Union of Angels — a crowdfunding charity foundation platform, which raises humanitarian aid to cover the needs of military bases of the Ukrainian Army (about 500,000 USD raised);

Project team: Anton Lukashchuk, Sergii Snurnyk, Serhii Trukhimovych.

Volunteer UA — a volunteer organization, which assists the Ukrainian Army, and has already delivered approximately 200,000 USD of logistical support to the military;

Project team: Maksym Baluiev, Olga Verbytska, Andriy Kalyta. 

Support Ukrainian Army — a team of volunteers who raise funds for the needs of the Ukrainian Army using the online store format (so far, they have raised a total of about 1 million UAH); 

Project team: Anton Lukashchuk, Olga Verbytska, Dmytro Shkolnyi, Elena Khilchenko, Andrew Zaiko.

UAHelpers — volunteer help information platform, which has already placed more than 1,500 ads. More than 200,000 visitors have already surfed their website. 

Project team: Tetiana Dyhdalo, Volodymyr Blazhivskyi.

The designers of the hub also created an identity and presentation for the NoRus (Bogdan Miroshnichenko, Tetiana Dyhdalo, Anna Hriadun), project, which fights against the concealment of true information about the actions of the Russian Federation;  logo and key-visual for the Mariupol Diaries (Kostya Beglov, Dmytro Shkolnyi) website, which broadcasts personal stories from Mariupol to all the people around the world; branding and website for the gallery of military creativity Culture Front (Tetiana Dyhdalo, Volodymyr Blazhivskyi). 

Besides that, our team developed the design of various instructional material, including brochures, and illustrations. Currently, we are working on identity development and website design for Books With Ukraine, Kids From Ukraine Today (Andriy Kalyta, Olga Sikachovska, Viktor Kolomiyets, Roman Pavlenko) initiatives, and redesign of sleeve emblems for territorial defense units (Sergii Snurnyk, Tetiana Dyhdalo, Mariya Karachentseva).

More than 200 designers (UX/UI, graphic, motion designers, and illustrators) and 7 agencies joined the UDDU hub. Our team continues to expand every day. Projector and CASES became hub partners. People from 60 countries have already surfed the website of our platform. 

You can see the works of our professionals here.

At present, UDDU is looking for new volunteer projects that require precise and concise design of corporate identity, logo, or social media posts. The UDDU team is versatile, professional, and ready for challenges. We select suitable niche specialists with relevant experience for each specific project.

You can apply for the development by filling it out the form:

"Since the first days of the war, the Happy Studio team has been actively providing volunteer design support," said Volodymyr Blazhivskyi, the agency's founder. — It is crucial that everyone does what they do best. While deciding on project assistance, we are guided by three criteria: the value it can bring to Ukraine, the composition and reputation of the team, and transparent reporting. However, in addition to volunteering, we are working to provide the designers of our hub with work on projects from other countries. Supporting our colleagues and the country's economy are no less important."

At present, Ukrainians have become a strong shield. Each one is working on his front: military, civilian, volunteer, design, etc. The UDDU team is an example of how experts in a particular niche (in this case, design) can make a significant contribution to the common cause by doing what they do best. Ukrainians on all fronts, who are united by a common goal – the victory of Ukraine – have given a decisive answer to all the crisis challenges of war. Let's hold the line and get closer to achieving our goal, despite all obstacles. Ukrainian people are firm and unbreakable in their unity. They are ambitious and courageous. 

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