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Friday, March 12, 2021

Fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic

A worldwide pandemic affecting millions of people has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths. The contagious virus known as COVID-19 causes it. It caused a huge panic and people everywhere were stockpiling essentials like hand sanitizers, toilet paper and even flour. Store shelves were literally empty until limitations on purchases were more controlled.

The pandemic posed numerous public health challenges. Self-isolation and quarantine measures helped curb the spread of the virus. Peoples’ movements were also restricted. Social distance measures were evident in retail outlet stores, churches and other temples of worship, food stores, bars, clubs and even restaurants. Travel was forbidden or restricted and some countries have even closed off their borders. Consequently, hundreds of thousands of people experienced layoffs and other hardships.

Vaccinations have started and  there are signs of hope all around us. Business operations are slowly reopening. Jobs are coming back and people working from home are slowly returning to the workplace. This is not the end of the pandemic though. It most certainly will be around for years to come. Nonetheless, the number of Covid deaths are decreasing, and people are better able to cope with their fears and uncertainties.

By Ihor Cap

All Photos by Ihor Cap