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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

3 Tips to Help with Your Social Event

This blog post provides you with three useful tips to promote your social event.

Tip1. Start with the Prizes     
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Why? Because shopping for prizes can be a fun time for everyone. It can also generate immediate interest in your event as the word spreads about the prizes. Start by having each future bridesmaid and groomsmen to share the costs for each raffle prize/auction basket. It gets things going. Put a cap on the value of prize baskets to stay focused, but make sure you have a variety of themes for your baskets. Do not duplicate  themes for your prize baskets. When it comes to the more expensive grand prize or door prize, let each of the parents buy the bigger prizes for the pre-wedding party.

Tip2. Look for Sales and Donations
For those of you who do not mind waiting until after December 25 to hold your event, you can take advantage of the Boxing Day sales the day after Christmas Day to purchase your raffle prizes. Post-Ukrainian Christmas Day deals can still be found well after January 7 as retailers are still busy clearing their inventory of sale products. Don’t forget to search online for special discounts too.  
Seek donations outside the pre-wedding party to sponsor additional prizes.  Start with your friends. Let them know what you’re looking for but be open to their ideas as well. Then extend your search to local businesses. You or your friends may even know some of them personally. In the case of a charity social, it’s a win-win situation for both parties. You get a free gift and the business gets free advertising for donating a gift to your charitable cause.
However, if you are a pre-wedding social planner looking for local Winnipeg businesses that don’t mind gifting charitable donations towards pre-wedding socials then you should visit the  website.  It not only provides you with an up to date list of the businesses that are ready to give you a free gift, it also provides you with a sample letter to give  these businesses about your upcoming social and request for a charitable donation.  

Tip 3. Advertise Your Event
Start your advertising campaign by word of mouth. It’s worked for thousands of years and it still works today.  Tell everyone about the Five Ws. What will happen? Who is involved? When it will take place? Where it will take place? And Why it’s happening?  Place an ad in your local newspaper. As well, we have a very mobile generation that wants information instantly at the touch of their iPad, iPod or iPhone.  The social media can “tweet” your message out instantly. Send emails, Snapchats, iMessages, Instagrams, and post your message on Facebook, and on your own website if you have one.
Most of all, don’t forget to take advantage of the website to advertise your social event. It has an easy to follow calendar of dates, it’s mobile friendly and it will post your information immediately without logging in. No registration is required.  Best of all, it’s FREE.

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