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Monday, October 2, 2017

Original 1918 Map of Ukraine added to Lviv History Museum Exhibits

blog posted by Ihor Cap
Internet daily, “Ukrayinska Pravda” reports a sensational find – A Map issued by Austria in 1918, which first defines Ukraine’s borders, without a doubt depicts Crimea as part of its geographical borders.
Michael Havryliv, a private citizen of Lviv, obtained the map visiting an Ivano-Frankivsk marketplace in the mid 80’s and decided to donate it to the historical museum in Ukraine. As the internet daily says, “Maps of Ukraine in 1918 were purposely destroyed in Soviet times and its storage could get up to 10 years imprisonment.”

"Map of Ukraine 1918” is written on it. It clearly identifies the then Ukrainian state owned territories of Transnistria, a part of Belarus-Beresteyschina, Gomelschina (that stretches deep into the territory of Ukraine to Belarus 80-150 kilometers) and east Sloboda (modern Kursk and Voronezh region – where the wedge stretched for 250 kilometers).
The boundaries have since changed, but one could clearly see that Crimea then belonged to Ukraine. Mr. Havryliv said that he was satisfied that the original was in a museum, for it has to be accessible to all. Published by the Viennese publishing house Freyth and Berndt, the map comprises an awareness of the territory, which includes the independent Ukraine state, and an understanding of what was being protected during the first world war. As such, there is no question of the map’s authenticity. The Ukrainians have no territorial claims, and the map will be of interest to Ukrainian citizens and historians alike.