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Monday, December 12, 2016

Social and Business Projects to Help Ukraine

It is not normal that I should be turning to the international community to attract people's attention to the plight of Ukraine's population whose everyday life went down the tubes because of the war, and because its government is not living up to the promises the politicians made to become elected.

It is not normal that I have to appeal to the outside world to obtain financial support for bona fide social and business projects which would give Ukrainians the necessary boost to mend the social fabric which has been destroyed by decades of communism followed by another 25 years of pilfering and economic sabotage by the corrupt anti-Ukrainian leaders who are dead set to bring down Ukraine economically, politically and culturally.

Help Center/Halfway Home  for Adult Orphans
It is not normal that I have to speak on behalf of the war veterans, the families of the killed soldiers, the adult orphans,  the now destitute people who are ready and willing to fight the consequences  of the economic collapse handed down to them by corrupt oligarchs and politicians who always act with  impunity.

It is not normal that I should be asking you to spare $1 a day for 30 days to help the holding of a radio program for war veterans, or the setting up of a help center/halfway home for adult orphans, or the repairs of a summer rehabilitation camp for war veterans and their families, and many other urgently needed projects.

Adult Orphans Help Center Project

It is not normal ... but it is a fact that without YOUR financial support none of the projects will become reality.  The government officials promise but do not deliver.  The consequences of the war made the situation even more critical.  Local Ukrainians have emptied their pockets to revive the Ukrainian army, which was dismantled by traitors.  Today, due to the steep increase of the price for facilities, and the continued devaluation of the hryvnia,  the local Ukrainians have been fleeced by the government as if to take revenge for their protests held during the Maidan of Dignity (Dec 2013 - Feb 2014).  Because Ukrainians ousted one pro-Muscovite-Russian president, declared their desire to shake off the Muscovite-Russian yoke, and to side with Europe, Muscovy-Russia has cynically invaded Ukraine in March 2014, and brought war to the Donbas in Eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine, once called the Bread Basket of Europe, has been destroyed by Muscovy-Russia through communism in the 20th Century, and nowadays through the ongoing war.  Today, Ukraine needs a helping hand to prevent despair from settling in even deeper amongst the population.   Creating social havoc is a standard tactic used by Muscovy-Russia to destabilize societies and to foment discontent, which then turns into bloody revolutions or rebellions, which need to be avoided at all costs to prevent Muscovy-Russia from gaining more terrain.

Katranka - Summer Rehab Camp for ATO War Veterans

The war veterans and the local Ukrainians need some help to give them the chance to restart their life, which has been destabilized by the enemy.  Please, do help out Ukraine by supporting the social and business projects you can learn about by visiting the following links.

Author: Lada Toptschan, Projects Coordinator.