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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Montreal's Cathedral-Basilica Mary Queen of the World and St. James the Greater

by Ihor Cap
The Cathedral-Basilica Mary Queen of the World and St. James the Greater was designed by Victor Bourgeau and Rev. Joseph Michaud. It stands adjacent to the Fairmont – The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Quebec. 

From Wikipedia, we learn that:
Cathedral-Basilica of Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral  (French: Cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is the seat of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Montreal. It is the third largest church in Quebec after St. Joseph's Oratory (also in Montreal) and the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré east of Quebec City. The church is located at 1085 Cathedral Street at the corner of René Lévesque Boulevard, and Metcalfe Street (Montreal), near the Bonaventure Montreal Metro station and Central Station in downtown Montreal.

Originally, the Cathedral-Basilica was known as the Saint James Cathedral, named after its titular saint St. James the Greater. That is why most of the horizontal band of Latin text entablature (the frieze) in the nave of this church depicts this Apostle’s life.  The addition of Mary Queen of the World came about on January 1, 1955.

The cornerstone of the Cathedral-Basilica was blessed on August 28, 1870, but its liturgical life began in 1894. Ten years later it became a parish and a minor Cathedral-Basilica in 1919. Further restorative efforts were made to the Cathedral-Basilica in 1955, and that continued until the year 1960. On May 14, 2002, it was recognized for its historic and architectural significance by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.  It was proclaimed a National Historic Site of Canada on May 14, 2006. Many visitors will notice several similarities between this Cathedral-Basilica and the one in Rome, Italy.  That is because the Cathedral-Basilica in Montreal is a scaled down replica of  St. Peter's Basilica  in Rome.

Historical paintings, icons, stained-glass windows, Italian marble and mosaic walls and floors, the Bishop’s Mortuary Chapel, a 1900 reproduction of Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s infamous Baldacchino in St. Peter’s in Rome, statues inside and outside the Cathedral, remarkable altarpieces created circa 1635, adjoining chapels, and the Cathedral’s great organ, all add to the impressive history and splendour of this Cathedral-Basilica.
Author Information:
Ihor Cap is a web author and researcher.

Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral --Cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde Video

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Create A YouTube Subscribe Widget To Promote Your Channel

by Ihor Cap
Are you looking for an easy way to increase the YouTube membership for your channel? If so, then consider getting a YouTube widget to promote your channel.   A widget is a little sticky button or banner posted in a fixed spot on your website that asks your visitor to subscribe to your YouTube channel.  It used to be that you could only subscribe to a YouTube channel by visiting the channel of interest directly.  Not anymore. Now you can place a YouTube sticky widget on your website or BlogSpot and each widget click gets you one more subscriber.  The YouTube widget attracts far more attention than just a simple URL hypertext link that’s embedded in your website.  So, if you get a lot of visitors to your website, this is something you definitely want to consider doing.
A YouTube channel widget can be resized to suit your website requirements. For example, a  728x90 banner-style widget may be used when you are not restricted by space limitations. Get a FREE watch us on YouTube 728x90 px - Leaderboard banner from the Bannereasy website for one such promotional YouTube channel widget. This is what you should see:
However, if your website is limited by space such that it must be placed in the left or right-hand column of your website, then you may want a button style widget instead of the banner style one. Again, these widgets can be re-sized to suit your needs.  The next example shows you a couple of button-sized YouTube widgets that are located on the left-hand side bar of the website.  This is what you should see:
Did You Know?
Did you know you can get these great looking button widgets at no cost? All you have to do is copy the line of iframe code below and paste it in the location you want it to appear on your website. Just remember to replace the Username ezreklama or ukrayinets1 with your own YouTube channel Username.
Code for Banner Style Widget 330 pixels in width by 105 pixels in height
<iframe id="fr" style="overflow: hidden; height: 105px; width: 330px; border: 0;" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="320" height="240"></iframe>
Code for Button Style Widget 150 pixels in width by 105 pixels in height
<iframe id="fr" src="" style="overflow: hidden; height: 105px; width:  150px; border: 0;" scrolling="no" frameBorder="0">height="240"></iframe>
Final Thoughts
The YouTube widget is one great way of driving traffic to your YouTube video channel.  For additional Subscription Widget layout and configuration options see the Google Developers YouTube Subscribe Button blog page at  However, don’t rely on just one promotional strategy to build your video channel subscriber base, especially if you are new to the game. Do consider additional exciting ways of attracting more YouTube followers, plugboards and blogposts among them.  Free PlugBoards and Backlinks to Promote Your Web Site Products and Services and Promote your website, service or product by posting an article or blog  are two such useful reads to examine at your leisure and be on your way to getting more visitors. 
Author Information:
Ihor Cap is a Web Author and Researcher.

Monday, July 9, 2018

NATO SUMMIT: Calling on Minister Chrystia Freeland to be tough on Russia

For immediate release
July 5, 2018
NATO SUMMIT: Calling on Minister Chrystia Freeland to be tough on Russia
On the eve of the NATO Summit, the Canadian Group for Democracy in Ukraine asks, in a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland, to go beyond sanctions” in punishing Russia. Also, to find a way to admit Ukraine into NATO’s fold by membership or stronger military support.
The Group sees Russia advancing beyond Ukraine in cyber, propaganda, aggression and chaos because not enough is being done to help Ukraine win the war against the aggressor.  Russia has seen this for some five years now as Western weakness.  Consequently, it is advancing.
The Group calls on Canada to reaffirm its strong support for NATO and lead as the value bearer and strategic adult in the room given the highly personalized and erratic approach to foreign policy by President Donald Trump.  It warns members “to approach the Trump/Putin meeting with caution” and urges a pre-meeting and public disassociation from any “nefarious and secret” deals between the two.
NATO needs Ukraine; world peace and security need Ukraine. For nearly five years—and alone-- it has engaged militarily against democracies’ foremost enemy.  It’s experience in combatting Russia’s warfare in all its guises — cyber, terror, disinformation, kinetic – is unmatched and beyond any price tag. The letter also seeks a reversal of Nord Stream 2.  It’s “a monumental threat” to Europe. “Energy is as much a weapon in Putin's hands as military hardware, cyber - attacks, propaganda, subversion.  It makes Russia stronger and Europe weaker. It invites further Russian aggression.” The Group would also like to see Russia ousted from Ukraine by a UN peacekeeping mission.
Contact: CGfor Oksana Bashuk Hepburn  613 293 9121 Myroslava Oleksiuk  416-471-5675

The Canadian Group for Democracy in Ukraine is dedicated to the furthering of democracy in Ukraine