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Friday, May 18, 2018

The Canadian Group for Democracy in Ukraine asks Prime Minister Trudeau to strengthen sanctions against Russia ahead of the 2018 G7 Summit in Quebec

To avert an environmental disaster and free political prisoners, the Canadian Group for Democracy in Ukraine (CG4DU) calls on Prime Minister Trudeau to increase sanctions against Russia prior to the G7 Summit and boycott the World Cup if Russia fails to comply with international laws.

May 18, 2018 OTTAWA.
World peace and the environment are among the key themes in the G7 Leaders’ Summit taking place in Charlevoix, Quebec 8- 9 June.  In a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, CG4DU asks Canada to address Russia’s failure to comply with international law, disturbance of the world order and the creation of a potential environmental disaster by harmonizing sanctions against it and; indeed raising them.
Russia’s global aggression, infiltration of sovereign states and environmental degredation by warfare are of grave concern but to all.  If it can happen in Syria or Ukraine without consequence, it can happen anywhere.  Canada and our allies are duty-bound to work together to punish the culprit,” says Dr. Ihor Cap, a member from Winnipeg.
The CG4DU asserts that Canada’s strength lies in “doing the right thing and taking the higher moral ground”.  As Canada is lagging behind others in leveling sanctions against Russia’s for illegally annexing Crimea, invading Donbas and its ongoing chaos there, the Prime Minister is called to raise the sanctions to the level of our American and British allies.  “Failure to maintain this high standard diminishes our stature in the world as well as our influence,” says the letter.
It also warns of a potentially colossal environmental and humanitarian disaster designed by Russia.
Its stockpiles of prohibited heavy weapons brought into war zone poses a high risk of chemical contamination of the water supply.  Hundreds of thousand civilians --including women and over 100,000 children-- in the Donbas are facing death. “This is another, premeditated, Kremlin organized genocide waiting to happen. Its Holodomor genocide strategically starved some 7- 10 million Ukrainians.  Russia has never been punished.  It wants to get away with ethnic cleansing again,” says Dr. Lada Roslycky, a member currently on assignment in Ukraine.
Finally, the CG4DU calls upon Canada to take a “commanding stand” to ensure the release of Ukrainian political prisoners, unjustifiably incarcerated in subhuman conditions in occupied Crimea and Russia.  “Canada’s leadership depends on convincing the G7 members that Russia must comply immediately with international law or see a boycott of the World Cup”, says Oksana Bashuk Hepburn, an Ottawa member.

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204 254 7054 Ihor Cap
613 293 9121 Oksana Bashuk Hepburn

Att. Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ukraine in fourth place in the world in the number of IT professionals

Ukraine ranks fourth in the world in number of certified IT professionals after the United States, India and Russia.
This is stated in the annual National Commission report which regulates the field of communications and informatics and references research Exploring Ukraine IT Outsourcing Industry 2012, says the "Komentari" broadcast.
Thus, 40% of the IT specialists work in Kyiv, 19% - in Kharkiv, 16% - in Lviv, 7% - in Dnipropetrovsk and 4% - in Odesa.
Each year Ukrainian universities produce about 16 thousand professionals in the IT field.
As emphasized in the occupational data portal, the vacancy rate for software developers is most in demand not only in the IT sector, but also in the labor market as a whole.
As reported, the volume of the Ukrainian information technologies market in 2013 could be worth around 3.6 billion dollars.
Original Source:
based on 2013 year publication data. Translated by Ihor Cap for EzReklama. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Get JustinCase for your car and bicycle tires, and outdoor sports balls

By Ihor Cap
On my way home from work,  I discovered my car tire was super low on air and I had to pull up to a gas station fast to fill it up with air.  You know that feeling when cars are honking at you to let you know something is not quite right with your car, eh? Well, when I finally got to the gas station I was horrified to learn that I had to pay a dollar to fill my car tire with air. I just recalled an earlier discussion I had with my colleagues over the water cooler that one day we will be paying for water and air, and here it is. I paid  a dollar 2 days in a row to have my car tire filled with air. Thank goodness I had a dollar on me too. That was in July, and I was planning to see my mechanic about this slow leak among other car problems in August.  I can’t go paying a dollar a day until August I thought to myself. My tire goes flat overnight every day. I knew I had to do something about this quick.
To my delight, I stopped at Canadian Tire to look around for a pump to fill my pool with air when I bumped into this car tire inflator on the shelf that was on sale.  Because the car tire took priority I took immediate interest in this device and with the $10 dollar additional discount, it was hard to say no. So, I bought it for $20 dollars plus tax. The device is called JustinCase. A clever name I might add. When you really need it, it’s there, just in case.

YouTube Frame from EzReklama Video
JustinCase is a wonderful compact, mobile and versatile digital air compressor that you can use to fill the air in your car tire as well as your bicycle tires, sports balls and balloons. Adaptors are included in the box. Just plug one end into your car's cigarette lighter socket, turn your car keys into the accessories position/mode (forward), unscrew the tire cap from your flat tire, screw on the JustinCase hose to the nipple on the car tire with the flat, and press the big red button to start filling the tire with air.  Wait about 5 minutes, and that’s it folks. It’s that simple. The time varies based on tire differences.  Then you can put the device away in your trunk and keep it with you wherever you go. My car tire is still not fixed, but at least I am not paying a dollar a day more for that inconvenience.
Save on Gas!
Even if your car does not have a flat tire, you can still use this device to keep your all of your tires properly inflated. Believe it or not, “properly inflated tires increase gas mileage by over 3%” says the statement on their box. That’s a few cents per litre savings, assuming a fuel price of one dollar per litre folks and that is good enough for me. It pays for itself, doesn’t it?
Safety, another JustinCase reason
Do yourself and your family a favor and play it safe on the road. Don’t be stuck somewhere out in the boonies and find out there is nothing between you and a gas station for miles on end. You can easily keep this device in the back of your trunk. It also has a flash light switch to help you see in the dark, and a built-in LED digital display to let you read the pounds (force) per square inch of area (psi) numbers.  Do not overinflate or under inflate your tire.  Both can be bad for you. Normal car psi tire pressure readings can vary from 30 to 45 psi depending on the make and size of your vehicle. Most cars are around 30 psi. Check your car tire walls to see what psi level is required for your car tire.  Extreme swings in temperature can also affect the psi levels in your tires, but you need not worry because you have JustinCase, right?  If not, it’s one awesome device you should put on your must have list.
Author Information:
Ihor Cap is a web author and dad.  

How to Use JustinCase to Inflate Your Car and Bike Tires YouTube Video